612 Shaking Head and Wagging Tail: Not Coming Back Again

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Although the whole process seemed slow, it was actually very fast.

As Li Du knew how critical this moment was, he expended all his strength using the little bug's ability. He had been slowing down time ever since he started running out and only recalled the little bug after the car knocked down the metal door and he drove off!

The reason he recalled the little bug now was he was simply exhausted to the point of collapse.

He was afraid that if he continued using the little bug, he would be too exhausted and fall asleep lying on the steering wheel, which would be hilarious.

Holding back the exhaustion, sleepiness and hunger, he called Hans.

Like before, the call was immediately picked up once the line was connected. Hans said in an impatient tone, "Alright alright, stop rushing me. Right now, I'm f*cking…" 

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"I f*cking escaped!" Li Du interrupted.

Hans responded, "Huh?"

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