429 Seriously Eat Sh*t

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Vroom vroom. The pump motor was working properly, creating strong pressure to transport the waste out of the septic tank in the ground.

As the pipe burst, all the blackish-yellow liquid suddenly sprayed out like water through a high-pressured water gun! An extremely putrid smell spread rapidly from the pipe. There was not only feces but also some sticky toilet paper mixed into the mess!

All of a sudden, everyone froze; no one knew how to react. The septic tank waste was spread everywhere and no one had time to react. Not only California treasure hunters, but other treasure hunters who had been watching on the sidelines for fun were also covered in the mess.

It became very interesting. Everyone was screaming and the sound of vomiting could be heard.

"F*ck. I'm gonna puke. Help!"

"D*mn it, get out of the way. God d*mn it!"

"Don't open your mouth stupid. It will get into your mouth!"

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"Sh*t. I want to vomit. It's rancid. D*mn, gosh!"

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