606 Sensational Start

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After hearing what Magic Hand said, Li Du looked surprised and could not help asking a second time, "Sorry friend, I think I heard wrong?"

"You did not hear wrong," Magic Hand said. "What I said was that compared to those guys behind me, I would much rather be friends with you. Frankly speaking, the help you can give me is ten times greater than the help from those guys behind me."

Those words were too frank. So frank that Li Du felt like Magic Hand wasn't an adult. What adult made friends like that?

Hans was at the side, rubbing his nose non-stop. It was apparent that he too was confused by Magic Hand.

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Magic Hand continued speaking, "I have read through your information. Li, you are a brilliant person. Compared to all the treasure hunters I have seen, you are much more brilliant."

"You are too kind," Li Du said, laughing brilliantly.

Magic Hand waved his hands. "No, I'm just speaking the truth. Do you know how I became a millionaire?"

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