576 Selling The Gemstones

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As Owen could tell that Li Du did not know much about opals, he took the opportunity, when the gemologists were still appraising the gemstones, to call Li Du aside and give him a systematic introduction to the gem.

Li Du was very earnest when learning about opal as its value was very high and it was all new to him. In the future, he did not want to only find opal but other gemstones as well.

The appraisal of the gemstones took a little more than an hour. This was not considered long as the average appraisal time for each piece of gemstone was just two minutes.

After the appraisal had ended, Owen took over the appraisal report and began determining the prices.

Before determining the prices, Owen took some time to admire every single piece of opal.

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Li Du said, "I thought that since you come into contact with this type of gemstones every day, you would be sick of them by now."

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