1156 Second Prize

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The example the tour guide gave was not quite true. Real estate was immovable property, and its value was closely related to the location. It was not the same as a mahogany bracelet.

However, Li Du knew it was pointless to say so. The tour guide could have used cars as an example.

The second prize was cars, Mercedes Benz and BMW. The first prize was also cars, Porsche and Ferrari. These luxury vehicles often cost millions of dollars in China. However, they were not that expensive in Australia.

Li Du had a nagging feeling that there was something wrong with this lucky draw. Maybe it was because the tour guide had practically forced the people to spend money earlier. Li Du was unimpressed by these tactics.

The woman who won the third prize went up to the stage happily. As the host repeated the prize options, the woman said eagerly, "Needless to say, I choose the 20,000 dollars."

Laughter broke out and the tourists looked on enviously.

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