648 Searching For The Culprit

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Li Du looked at him with his head tilted and said nicely, "Must you go against me? You are here to purposely cause an issue, right?"

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Hughes, with an innocent look, unfolded his arms and said, "No, I deal with the issue, not the person. If you think I have offended you, then come and hit me."

Godzilla clenched his fists and was about to attack when Brother Wolf stopped him.

Li Du pointed at Hughes and said, "You have succeeded in trying to anger me. Listen up, b*stard, quickly get lost from my land. I am getting impatient."

An employee with a ponytail said, "Mr. Li, you have to clear your name. I do not wish to say this, but everyone here knows that you are suspicious."

Li Du stared at him. "Why?"

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