803 Search for Information

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Sophie came out of the bathroom tired and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Ah Meow brought Ali up just now," Li Du said. He pointed to the ceiling fan.

Sophie laid on the bed helplessly and said, "Ah Meow, you must not bully Ali. Li, teach these little b*stards a lesson. I'm so tired of keeping an eye on them."

Li Du handed Ali to Sophie. He was going to take a bath.

Apparently lacking confidence in Sophie, Ali bounced off the bed and followed him into the bathroom.

Crispy Noodles, who was lying flat on the bathroom floor, put out his paw to bully Ali. When he caught that action, Li Du instantly beat him. He said angrily, "They are a tiger cat and a Mexican wolf, each categorized as a predator. You are just a raccoon, and you're bullying Ali?"

Pointing at Ali, he made a big gesture with his arms and said, "Be careful. He will grow quite big. He will get his revenge then."

Crispy Noodles probably understood what Li Du meant, but he didn't care.

He had often bullied Ah Ow when she was little, and she had never retaliated. Instead, they formed alliances and bullied the newcomer.

This was the daughter-in-law becomes the mother-in-law scenario. First, Ah Meow bullied Crispy noodles. Then when Ah Ow came, they allied and bullied Ah Ow. After Ali came, Ah Ow joined their alliance to bully Ali.

"How was the harvest today?" Sophie asked.

"Very bad. There was nothing to harvest. There may be precious stones here, but it's very difficult to find them," Li Du said with a wry smile.

Sophie came to him and gave him a hug. "Take your time," she said softly.

Li Du was not frustrated. He was patient.

After cleaning up, he changed into new clothes and took everyone out for dinner.

The night in the town was noisy, which was different from the rest of Australia, probably because of the large migrant population, and the miners' need for rest and recreation after working all day.

One thing that was amazing was though the town was dominated by the mining industry, there was not that much pollution. Compared to the dusty scene in the daytime, Lightning Ridge at night was much cleaner.

After supper, Li Du looked up at the sky in a daze. The night sky was full of stars, and the beautiful sky in the southern hemisphere appeared before him. At this time, the southern hemisphere had the clearest view of the Milky Way.

"What's next? Go to sleep?" asked Lu Guan.

Li Du shook his head and said, "Go to the bar where most of the local miners are and learn about the surrounding area. We can't just run. We need to buy land first and mine."

Today he had not harvested anything, which did not mean that there were no gems in the surrounding mining area.

He planned to buy a mine and then search it carefully to see if he could find a gem, instead of just walking around like he had today.

With Brother Wolf and Lu Guan, Li Du went to a bar called the Earth Star.

The bar was large, with hundreds of tables inside. Many miners went there for a drink after a hard day's work.

Li Du and the others opened the door into an oncoming wave of sound. The noise and heavy alcohol smell crashed into them, demonstrating the bar's charm.

Shaking his hips and dancing, Lu Guan clapped his hands and shouted, "Whoa, whoa! Nice drinks, beautiful ladies. Come, let's join them!"

The bar was very lively, with at least a hundred people drinking in it.

There was a stage in the middle where a trio of girls sang loudly.

To Li Du, they did not sing very well, but they wore transparent and sexy clothes, and the main singer was almost wearing only a piece of underwear. She was constantly shaking her body in various sexy ways, enticing the miners to shout and howl.

The rough and tumble miners liked it. If the black gold abalone fishermen, like the miners, had a tough job, the fishermen were wealthy, whereas the miners were mostly poor.

The bars on King Island were a little quiet, but the bars here were just wild and bold.

The bar was divided into different areas, some with bright lights while some were darker, and needless to say, the different lighting areas were for different kinds of business.

When they passed a place without any lights, Li Du looked in curiously and saw two human figures twisting together.

He only glanced, but it happened that someone inside had seen him.

A strong, grizzly man immediately pushed aside the girl lying on him and stood up, growling, "Hey, b*tch, what are you looking at? Don't you want your eyes?"

Brother Wolf stepped forward to block Li Du, watching the big man on guard, ready to fight back.

Li Du pressed his shoulder and shook his head. "Don't bother with those fools."

The big man flew into a rage and held out his big palm to catch them.

Seeing this, Brother Wolf immediately started to fight. His arm waved to block the palm, then he bent forward, and his right fist punched the big man's bottom rib.

Brother Wolf moved very quickly. The big man had no time to react. He could only swing his hand before falling on his knees, holding his stomach. His gaping mouth was silent but seemed to want to say, "Owwww!"

When Brother Wolf started to fight, it was like lighting up a hornet's nest.

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Several men standing around started to stare at them angrily and opened their mouths to curse loudly.

"Son of a b*tch, are you trying to find trouble?"

"Twist their heads off and make them cry in h*ll!"

"F**k you, Aubrey Radovich. What's the matter with you?"

Li Du went up to stand with Brother Wolf. Brother Wolf stopped him and said contemptuously, "I can beat 50 of these people, Boss. You don't have to come forward."

The confrontation between the two sides had attracted the attention of the people around, so the bar's security came over. A big fat man shouted in a dissatisfied voice, "What? Are you going to make trouble? Ha, you had better think twice!"

Li Du took out a stack of cash from his pocket and handed it to the fat man. "We aren't here to seek trouble, but since trouble seeks us, here is some money for the damage. Just ignore us. How about my boy playing with them?"

Upon hearing this, there was a round of applause and whistles, and many miners got excited.

"Wow, a rich man, a real stallion!"

"One versus eight? This isn't a movie, is it? Then he must be a show-off, waiting to be beaten."

"Fool, look at his face. He seems determined to fight Aubrey Radovich and his gang."

Li Du was so generous, the big fat man and the others immediately felt he was not a simple man. This didn't mean they had unique skills of discernment. Mainly, it was that everyone knew rich people were not easy to provoke.

Aubrey Radovich's side realized this, too, but when they were drunk, their blood boiled, and they were incapable of backing down for the sake of their dignity.

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