977 Sea of Nemo

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The golden sunlight shined on the sandy beach. This combination glowed a dazzling golden color. Li Du stood at the pier and looked around himself. For a moment, he could not distinguish between the sunlight and the beach.

The azure ocean slapped the face of the beach. The frothy waves were rushing onto the beach and then retreating backwards. Rushing and retreating, repeating in a cycle. The rolling waves continuously sent the sand under the sea and stole away parts of the beach.

Just like this, the Indian Ocean gracefully presented itself to Li Du.

The ocean was as clear as sapphire, and the palm tree forest beside it was verdant and lush. Spreading from his foot to the sky was the warm subtropical climate. The sea breeze was as nice and warm as the spring breeze. It was a refreshing and warm feeling.

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