755 Sea Delicacies

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Australia and New Zealand were located at the junction of continental plates and were prone to earthquakes in the surrounding seas. Earthquakes on the ocean floor caused cracks in the earth's crust, making them prone to oceanic volcanoes.

Not all ocean volcanoes had lava spillages. In fact, it should be said that most ocean volcanoes did not spill lava but they did expel gases.

These gases were very hot and were the kind of gases that Li Du had been exposed to. If it weren't for the seawater cooling them down, they would have sprayed him, and he would probably have needed skin grafts like Ivana.

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After applying the ointment, Li Du got better. He was bored and wanted to go into the water. However, Sophie stopped him and did not let him go in the water temporarily.

A raft came up and Cruz finally smiled. "Hey, you're a flying sea man? Isn't that cool?"

"How did you see that?" asked Li Du.

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