497 Scout Activity

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The next morning, Luo Qun was just as shocked to see the clean floor.

She looked at Ah Ow quizzically, who lied on Crispy Noodles. "This little one didn't pee wherever she wanted?"

Li Du said, "I've already taught her to pee and poop at fixed times."

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles stared at him, astounded. Someone so shameless actually exists!

Luo Qun went to change into her police uniform as she prepared to go to work.

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She nodded with satisfaction. "In that case, let's just keep it."

She was actually pretty fond of Ah Ow. Compared to an ocelot and a raccoon, a wolf was more similar to a dog. As a cop with a lot of experience with police dogs, she preferred dog-like animals.

Ah Ow did not know this, but if she did, she would be in tears: I'm a Mexican wolf, how can you compare me to a dog? Aren't you belittling the wolf species?

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