359 Sand, Wind, and Water

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When Li Du arrived, Sophie was waiting patiently at the door.

When she saw him, she waved happily and said, "Go in now, it’s trying its best to open its eyes—I didn’t stay inside in case it saw me first."

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As they ran inside, Li smiled and replied, "It’s okay, Sophie. If it were you… Well, I really wouldn’t mind if the puppy saw you first."

Sophie's thoughtfulness, gentleness, and kindness really touched him.

She stubbornly refused to enter the room. She opened the door and pushed Li Du inside.

The puppy was placed on the sofa, squirming its plump, round body all around. Its eyes were still shut and it was trying its best to sniff vigorously. It slowly turned around.

Li Du came close to it. The puppy's eyelids were shaking, seeming like they would open soon.

Ah Ow did not open its eyes until about 30 minutes later. Finally, its little eyelids slowly opened up, revealing a tiny bit of its eyeball.

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