275 Rushing on Route 66

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Under the persuasion from Li Du, Hans expanded the area of their operations. With that, there would be more storage companies for them to choose from.

It was nearing the end of July. After the heavy rains, Flagstaff once again returned to its warm weather.

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With a back full of sweat, Hans found a new storage company. The location was in Kingman, a small city northwest of Flagstaff.

After having been free for a few days, Li Du commanded them to set off after receiving the info. Thus, the Iron Knight once again returned to the highways.

Kingman was about 150 miles from Flagstaff. With the speed of the Iron Knight, they would reach there in two hours.

"It’s a small place, brother. The population is only about 30,000, mostly white people. There aren’t many other races besides quite a number of people from the middle-east who immigrated here."

Along the trip, Hans explained to Li Du about the culture and history of Kingman.

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