671 Rookie

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Brother Wolf's ability was really astounding, If there was no Ivana dragging him down, he could have applied to be the President's bodyguard!

It was really Li Du's good fortune to have hired him.

With Brother Wolf having displayed his prowess, no one in town dared provoke them.

The blonde-haired middle-aged man stretched his hand out to Li Du and said, "Dead cool. Li, I'm Fawkes Duronka. Blacktooth Robbie's my buddy."

Since he was friends with Blacktooth Robbie, he could be considered his friend as well. At this thought, Li Du shook hands with him and said, "Nice to meet you. Blacktooth's a good guy."

Fawkes didn't respond to that comment but smiled as he looked at Brother Wolf. "This guy's good. Is he your bodyguard? So skillful, I've only ever seen such skills from my brother who's serving in the SEALs."

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After providing each other with flattery, both parties were considered acquainted.

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