567 Roasting Cactus Under the Stars

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That was without a doubt, as Li Du himself was already jealous of the scene.

The sky was filled with red clouds as the sun was setting. All around, as far as the eye could see, were gemstones emitting various colors.   

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A man and woman snuggling on a hill, affectionately looking at the sunset and embracing their beloved pets—it was understandable why Sophie would not be willing to travel to other places for a vacation and would rather come here to work with him.

But they could not rest even after the sun had set as they still had work to do.

Due to geographical and astronomical reasons, when night had fallen, the sky above the National Park was not dark and still had sufficient light that allowed them to continue working. 

Gem hunters usually worked until around one o'clock in the morning. They would then sleep for up to three or four hours before continuing their work at daybreak. That was how they got through the 24 hours.

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