1081 Rise of Temperature

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Li Du also felt that he was very popular at this time.

Felister took him out to a small in-prison restaurant. The environment was very elegant. they were surrounded by flowers and green plants, and beautiful female prison guards worked as waitresses.

During the meal, Felister said that Li Du was framed and sent to prison unlawfully. There were no files opened on his case at all. It was all Chief Jones' private doing.

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Li Du refused to leave and demanded an explanation.

If Bartley Jones kept to the letter of the law and prosecuted them for opening gunfire in public, Li Du and the others would most probably have to go to jail. 

However, Bartley Jones sent them to prison bypassing legal procedure, meaning, course, to frighten him and make him give back the money and the car he got from Caddy.

Now he would have to pay for underestimating Li Du.

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