781 Ride on a Shark and Break the Net

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Brother Wolf intervened. He hung up the satellite phone and said, "Boss, I'll take care of it."

Pointing to the water, Li Du cried, "You'll handle it? How can you? It is a shark. A great white shark is swimming in the water. I'm sure you could feel that it has a great temper."

Brother Wolf patted his waist lightly and said, "I brought the shark repellent. Trust me, I can fix this."

He put on his diving suit, hung a few small bottles around his waist, took a sharp knife in his mouth, and jumped into the water.

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Li Du was worried and sent the little bug to follow him.

Brother Wolf jumped into the water and quickly found the white shark watching him.

He was not afraid. His legs paddled through the water, and he swam quickly to its position.

The great white shark had been caught in the net for some time, and now it was very grumpy. Swimming around in the water, it looked very easy to provoke.

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