1064 Rich Second Generation

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 While Brother Wolf and Godzilla worked on removing the wallpaper, Li Du and Hans were trying to estimate the value of the artwork.

"How much can this graffiti fetch?"

Hans looked it up online and said, "There are many graffiti works by Banksy in the market. However, most of those are damaged. So one of those in a good condition will definitely be valuable."

Li Du nodded. That is for sure.

Street artists treated their art like a pop star treated female fans, the more the merrier. In fact, they would be happiest if they could leave their graffiti on every corner of every street in the world.

Banksy had created a lot of graffiti work. In the beginning, he liked to defy tradition and enjoyed creating graffiti at art galleries and museums. Hence, he was always arrested by the police.

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At that point, his work was not considered art. Hence, the galleries and museums did not preserve it. Most of his graffiti had been painted over or destroyed.

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