644 Rich Ore Deposit

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The four of them were very satisfied with the sumptuous breakfast. Ah Ow, who was eating with them, ate until her small stomach was plump. She took the opportunity when the others were tidying up to quickly defecate.

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Ah Ow would dig apart rocks when defecating before using the rocks to bury her feces.

After one day and one night of living together, Brother Wolf was no longer as quiet and began taking the initiative to talk. He said, "This wolf is too smart."

Li Du smiled. "Do you know why she buries her own feces?"

Brother Wolf shook his head.

Li Du pointed at Ah Meow. "He's the one who taught her. When Ah Ow was young, she would pee and defecate anywhere. Ah Meow would stare at her whenever she did so and give her a fierce beating. After many beatings, she learned the correct way of defecating."

Brother Wolf's mouth was wide opened. "Unbelievable."

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