566 Rich Harvest

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Crispy Noodles dug out the rocks and found the preserved fruit before stuffing it into his mouth. Li Du picked up the fire opal from the ground and lifted it. He smiled. "Hey, we found another!"

Two gem hunters, who had just started to leave, stopped suddenly in their tracks after seeing Li Du find another piece of fire opal so quickly and exclaimed, "You guys found an opal after having just arrived?"

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"When did opal become so easy to find? They are very precious gemstones!"

The output of opals was very low at 9,000 to 11,000 pounds per year. It was even more so for fire opals.

Nine thousand to 11,000 pounds was equivalent to four to five tons. Most people would think that was a lot. However, they would just need to do a simple comparison to understand that opal was rarer than other gemstones.

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