1186 Revenge

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The black boss accepted the money and said with a satisfied smile, "Good, don't say anything when you go out, or I will send the immigration police after you. Don't think I don't know what you have done in America. I have my contacts, and it's easy to find out who you are."

Su Nan gave him a wry smile when he got out of the door. "When can I go to Australia? I don't want to stay in this lousy country anymore."

Li Du said, "Don't worry, I'll make him pay for what he has done, I'll get back at him for you!"

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He took out his cell phone and called one of the treasure hunters in Phoenix.

As it happened, there are several warehouses up for auction in Phoenix recently. The treasure hunters of Flagstaff city and the rest of the area have gathered in Phoenix. When Li Du called, they were all hanging out together.

"Hey, Li, we heard that you had gone to Australia again? When will you be back?"

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