195 Revenge of the Duo

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A short silence filled the atmosphere before the group roared with laughter.

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And what was worse for Bart was that the public pools were not far from each other. The patrons from the surrounding pools got curious and turned their heads when they heard the laughter.

Roars of laughter could be heard all around the spa, like the surround sound feature in a movie theatre.

"Hey, talk with your trunks on!" Li Du said.

"F*ck you!" Bart was frustrated and embarrassed. He had to sit back down into the pool. He had to look up to talk to Li Du.

Li Du made a sharp, cutting comment: "F*ck who? With just that little caterpillar of yours? Go f*ck a Barbie doll instead."

"B*st*rd! D*mn Chinaman! I should’ve burned your cat to death!" Bart was so angry that he started to curse and spit and swear.

Li Du sat down on the pool’s edge, and smiled. "Pal, I swear I’ll make you regret messing with my pet!" He said in a threatening tone.

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