124 Revealing The Storage

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Hearing those words, Li Du creased his eyebrows. "What’s an extra auction chance?"

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Hans said, "D*mn it, that’s when there is another storage unit up for auction. Haven’t we experienced last-minute cancellations of units? This is adding some storage units for auction at the last-minute."

With that, Li Du understood, and he also realized that there could be some very valuable items in the storage units that were in this extra auction. In fact, Lil’ Rick was aiming for these two extra units.

He forgot that besides the saying, "If idiots gathered in shallow ponds, they would all think they were the boss," there was also another saying: "Appearances are deceiving; one cannot measure the ocean with their eyes."

In the end, Li Du had underestimated Lil’ Rick. Or rather, he had underestimated Dog Ears Rick, whom he had not yet met.

When the two rushed over, the first unit had already been auctioned off.

Li Du asked in surprise, "That fast?"

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