351 Returning a Favor

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They drove to Sophie's house. Li Du felt complacent after giving the puppy a name. He thought the name was very pleasant, simple, and fit the occasion.

However, he read Sophie's hardened face and asked, "Don't you think the name is perfect?"

Sophie looked at Ah Meow lying on the window with its dopey eyes, and said, "No, it's just beyond my expectation. I thought you would name the puppy—"

"Ah Wong?" Li Du asked excitedly.

She couldn't help but laugh. "Exactly!"

Li Du nodded proudly. "I knew you would think like that. Ah Wong is too common, but Ah Ow is rare."

Sophie sighed, petting the puppy. "Well, as long as you're happy."

"Owwuu, ow!" the little puppy cried softly.

The puppy was temporarily entrusted to Sophie; she would take good care of the little creature. Sophie had volunteered to take care of it as she did not believe others except herself would know how to do it properly.

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