861 Return of the Seagull to the Nest

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As the helicopter landed, Hans and Big Quinn stood staring blankly at the rocks in the distance. Li Du opened the helicopter's door and jumped out, waving like a leader. "Guys, what's the matter?"

Hans walked over in astonishment, circling the helicopter twice before asking, "Did you rent this?"

Li Du said, "I bought it."

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"Used helicopters?" asked Hans.

It was tough to tell exactly how old the Mi-8 was. After all, it had been in the warehouse for years, and even though Big Ivan had cleaned it up and maintained it, there was no way of hiding that it was second hand.

"Yes, I bought a used helicopter for more than $200,000," said Li Du.

Hans glared at him. "What? More than $200,000? You must be kidding me. Who would sell a helicopter at that price?"

Li Du smiled and said, "Who told you that was my original price? We got it second hand."

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