804 Resolving the Problem with Fists

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Someone began whistling out of excitement. "Cool, mate. Where are you from? So strong!"

"Aubrey, go on. Aren't you the toughest fella?"

"They only have one person, you guys have eight. Beat him up, let this foreigner know how great you guys are!"

Since this group of people was here to watch the commotion, they were not afraid of blowing the matter out of proportion and were shouting with all their might.

Aubrey Radovich and his group had tall, sturdy physiques, were boorish, were fond of using violence to solve most of their problems, and were considered experts in street fighting.

Whether an expert knew their stuff or not would be obvious once they were in action. Even though Aubrey was the best fighter in his group, he was thrown face-first to the ground after Brother Wolf made his move. With that, Aubrey's group realized that their opponent was not an easy one.

If there had been no one around, Aubrey's group would most likely have let the matter go. However, as there were hundreds of onlookers who were colleagues they saw regularly, Aubrey's group knew that they could not back down. They took off their jackets and surrounded Brother Wolf while staring at him with fierce eyes.

Before they could completely surround him, Brother Wolf suddenly made a move and took a big stride forward. This unexpected move caused the man in front of him to instinctively take a step back while raising both of his arms to protect himself.

However, Brother Wolf's attack was just a feint. Since there were four hefty men grouped together, the true purpose of Brother Wolf's attack was to flank them.

Brother Wolf turned his body while he was rushing forward. In response, the four hefty men also rushed forward together in an attempt to assist their friend. Little did they know, they were the real targets.

Now that all the men were together in a limited amount of space, the four men didn't have enough room to attack. However, Brother Wolf used his knifelike arms and elbows to rush into the group and whack their necks.

Two muffled sounds were heard, and two hefty men were sent flying by Brother Wolf's attacks. As both men's necks were now injured, they lost the ability to fight. They held onto their necks and retched while kneeling on the ground.

But Brother Wolf did not stop there. He kicked the other hefty man's knee. When the man screamed in pain and instinctively arched his back, Brother Wolf took the opportunity to bend his knee and raise his leg. With a crack, Brother Wolf's knee collided with the hefty man's chin.

While Brother Wolf had kicked that man, he had also extended his left arm and grabbed hold of the remaining hefty man. Taken aback, the hefty man swung his fists at Brother Wolf's head.

Hunching his body, Brother Wolf managed to narrowly dodge the hefty man's fists. Brother Wolf then used his other hand to grab the top half of the hefty man's body and forcefully bring him to his front with a swing of his arms.

When someone from the side kicked at Brother Wolf, Brother Wolf brought the man he was holding around to his front. After the kick landed on the man's body, Brother Wolf threw him to the ground.

In an instant, five of the eight men were incapacitated. Subsequently, Brother Wolf rushed towards the hefty man who had tried to kick him and gave him a shoulder throw.

There were still two hefty men who had not yet been hit by Brother Wolf. The two men were shocked by seeing several of their comrades get defeated so quickly. They had never seen an opponent who was as great a fighter as Brother Wolf.

Seizing the opportunity while the two men were distracted by Brother Wolf, Li Du and Lu Guan also joined the fight.

After taking a bottle of beer from a table, Lu Guan smashed one of the remaining hefty men on the head with it, resulting in a satisfying crash.

In the meantime, Li Du slowed down time, rushed over, and viciously gave two heavy blows, one after another, to the hefty man's chest. The hefty man screamed in pain and arched his back. Li Du then used both of his hands to grab the hefty man's hair before kneeing him in the face, which caused his nose to bleed profusely!

Just like that, the fight was over in a few seconds.

The miners, who were looking at the commotion, were dumbfounded. Some of them, who had yet to figure out what had happened, squeezed over and asked, "Hey, where's the fight at? Let me see."

"I heard it, someone is fighting. Huh, where is it? Who's fighting?"

"Oh my God, where did this fighting expert come from?"

Having beaten his opponents, Brother Wolf gave a cold look, stood behind Li Du, and kept quiet. Brother Wolf fully exuded the charm of a cool, cold bodyguard.

Like a group of female wolves, the eyes of the women in the bar suddenly lit up.

Li Du took a stack of Australian dollar bills from his pocket and walked towards Aubrey. Thinking that Li Du was going to hit him, Aubrey was scared out of his wits. While grinding his teeth, he said, "Hey, you dare…" 

Before waiting for him to finish his sentence, Li Du threw the stack of Australian bills onto his body and said, "You have two choices. Either you guys call the police and then let my lawyer settle this matter, or take the money and leave. We will be drinking here."

Surprisingly, Aubrey Radovich was a gentleman. After throwing the stack of dollar bills back to Li Du, he straightened his neck and said, "Not necessary. I choose a third option, not calling the police and also not leaving. We still want to drink here."

With a smile on his face, Li Du picked up the stack of dollar bills, handed it over to the plump bodyguard, and said, "In that case, I will treat you guys drinks. Mate, exchange all the money for drinks and serve them to Brother Aubrey!"

After blowing a whistle, the plump bodyguard said, "Cool. Young man, where are you working? You are a very forgiving person."

Li Du replied, "I was working at Tasmania, previously. Now, after arriving in Lightning Ridge, I am prepared to work together with you guys and try my luck at getting some gemstones!"

The plump bodyguard opened his hands and said, "You are also here to dig for gemstones? Alright then, all the best to you!"

Aubrey and his group used their hands for support and stood up. When a few ladies walked over to help them to their seats, the hefty men pushed them away and tried their best to maintain their tough guy looks.

One of the hefty men said, "Hey, foreigner, you are here to dig black opals? Nice, we will still meet each other in the future."

Li Du asked, "Why? You still want to continue fighting? If we are to fight every time we meet each other, this matter can be resolved in an easier manner. Tell me your address. I will go over to your house tonight and wait at your doorstep."

Hearing Li Du's words, the group of onlookers started clapping and someone laughed loudly. "This Chinese guy is really proud. Hey, he looks a little familiar to me. Seems like I have met him somewhere before."

"He also looks a little familiar to me. However, all Chinese people look more or less the same."

"Are you from China? Were you previously in Tasmania? Are you the Chinese who found four missing children at Devonport?"

Li Du replied, "That's me."

After squeezing over from the crowd, a middle-aged man shook Li Du's hand and said, "Hi, Mr. Li, right? I'm Toby Blanchett, very pleased to meet you."

"Hi, nice to meet you."

With an arm over Li Du's shoulders, Blanchett took a seat in front of Li Du, turned his head, and shouted at the bartender, "Bring me a bucket of fresh beer. I'm treating these fellas."

After turning his head back, he said, "Don't stand on ceremony. Your expenses tonight are on me. You saved Bob's son. I have to show you my appreciation. You saved my good friend's child."

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Li Du asked, "Bob? Bob Bryan? You guys know each other?"

Blanchette laughed loudly and said, "We don't just know each other, he's a good brother of mine! In the past, we made an agreement to get rich here, and I worked together with him every day. I have been talking to him on the phone for the last two days."

When the bottles of beer were served, the bartender gave Li Du a thumbs up. "Tough fella, these bottles of beer are on the house. Our boss is treating you guys."

After turning his head, Li Du saw the plump bodyguard looking at him with his glass raised.

As such, Li Du responded in kind and raised his glass as well. Evidently, the earlier incident had won them respect. With both of his fists, Brother Wolf had won a place for them in the bar.

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