895 Repurchasing a Motorcycle

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Later, Bruce did not say a word but waved and left with Li Du. They went down the stairs and walked out of the house.

The sun shined brilliantly. The natural beauty of Los Angeles was truly amazing. Bruce covered his eyes with his hands under the bright light. Evidently, he had not been out for quite some time. Li Du realized that this young boy was weak and pale, just like a delicate young girl. His veins were almost visible under the sunlight. He knew that it was not because Bruce's skin was healthy, but because he lacked sunlight.

Bruce asked, "Sir, you are obviously of the yellow race, too, right?"

Li Du nodded. "Yes, I am Chinese."

Bruce laughed. "We might share the same ancestors. I am Chinese, too, but I don't know where I'm from, because my parents don't know, either."

"Where are your parents?" Li Du asked.

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Bruce unfolded his arms. "I am called Batman. What do you think?"

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