1097 Repression

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America's police department did not have a good reputation. There were often news reports of police officers accidentally wounding or even killing people.

Cops looked tough, but sometimes they were weak, as in the case of encountering the very rich.

In the United States, racial tension contributed to clashes between the police and various ethnic minorities.

Li Du was Chinese, but he was also a very wealthy, influential man, the kind who had just sent a police chief to prison.

In the United States, even the most arrogant journalists, let alone an ordinary cop, dare not provoke the rich and powerful.

If Li Du were just an ordinary Chinese and dared to talk to the police the way he did, the police would certainly not relent and would take him back to teach him a lesson.

However, he was not someone ordinary, but a multimillionaire who had just demonstrated his strength and status.

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