764 Relentless Stalkers

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As a very promiscuous person, Hans had the desire to have sexual relations with women he fancied, which was what Li Du hated about him.

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Despite that, he had a plus point when it came to treating women: he respected them.

Even though he wanted to have sexual relations with women he fancied, he would definitely not force them if they were unwilling to.

Other than this aspect, he would usually still treat women in a very respectful and rather gentlemanly manner. Whenever a woman sought help from him, he lended them a hand so long as it was within his capacity.

If someone humiliated a woman in front of him, he would not look on and do nothing.

Now, after seeing Brooks treat his wife in such a manner, his facial expression immediately became bitter. Despite that, instead of attacking Brooks, he shook his head at Lu Guan. "Stop talking."

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