462 Redirecting Troubled Waters

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Having received the invitation to the party, the Flagstaff treasure hunters responded warmly.

They had wanted to thank Li Du for helping the group earn money, and had already considered organizing a party. In the end, it was Li Du who took the initiative to throw a party, which was very much welcomed by all of them.

And it was not just any regular party. Li Du had even invited esteemed appraisers from Christie's to help them appraise the items in their collection—this delighted them even further.

With the news sent out in the afternoon, the cabin was soon filled with treasure hunters.

Li Du called Lu Guan up to invite him to the party. Lu Guan was thrilled and arrived early with his golden retriever, Little Plane.

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The golden retriever howled in excitement when it spotted Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles. As it charged over, it knocked Crispy Noodles down before dashing to Ah Meow.

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