974 Ratcatcher

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Following the excited hunters, Li Du ran to a patch of grass looking like small drumsticks.

It was a strange-looking weed, somewhat resembling a lollipop, but the stick was shorter and bulkier, so it really looked more like a drumstick.

The grass was soft and had many spaces, and hunters crouched down to dig it up, using their bows.

The hunters were very quick. They opened the hole wide, and soon there was a pile of earth next to it.

Li Du said in a depressed manner, "Rat again?"

"It's good enough to find prairie mice. Sometimes we only catch a few birds a day, and go back to eat stocked food," said Cheeks.

The prairie rat enjoyed life. Their burrows were wide and deep, with lots of space.

If a prairie rat didn't escape in a panic, hunters wouldn't be able to get to the bottom of its burrow easily.

Looking at the size of the burrow, Li Du showed Crispy Noodles the way in and told him to catch the wild rat.

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