1018 Rancor

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Little Flathead popped its head out of the backpack and surveyed the surroundings with

its shiny eyes.  

Ah Meow and Ah Ow looked at Little Flathead with misgivings, and then turned to look

at Li Du with displeasure. Why did you bring another one?

Lu Guan smiled, "Look at them, don't they look like wives who just met their husband's


Sophie looked at the backpack curiously and smiled, "Honey badger? Ha, why did you

bring back this little thing?" 

Lion-Hunter kept his eyes on the helicopter, face full of questions that he did not dare to


What he wanted to know was where Li Du had hidden the diamonds. Why did not the

security find any trace of the diamonds when they searched the helicopter? 

Li Du noticed his confusion, but he could not give Lion-Hunter the answer.  

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He grinned and looked at Lion-Hunter, saying meaningfully, "There are so many things

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