1023 Rainforest Mines

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The pig was roasted whole with its skin intact. Although the skin was scorched, the pork inside was nicely roasted. The leaves used to marinate the pork preserved its aroma perfectly. 

The piece that Li Du ate was very fragrant. Its fragrance was, indeed, the overwhelming impression while he ate. He had never tasted such delicious meat before.

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Musa sat by his side happily, swaying along with the music like his fellow tribesmen who were dancing around the bonfire. Li Du asked, "What do your people use to roast this meat? It's so delicious!"

Musa smiled in delight and made a lively gesture as he spoke, "This is Panicha. We feed the pigs Panicha and then roast them with it. Delicious."

Li Du didn't know what Panicha was, but it was obvious the plant was very suitable for marinating meat. It was delicious and perfectly preserved the fragrance of the meat.

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