941 Rainbow Nation

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Sophie's bottle had a small gorgeous stone inside—a diamond.

However, compared to Uncle Sam's, the difference in size was quite obvious.

Uncle Sam's was over 40 carats. The one in the bottle was less than a carat. If the diamond did not shine, he would not have even realized this tiny stone was there.

It was too small...

Sophie was still deeply satisfied with it. "How is it? It's pretty good, right? Isn't it shocking? You didn't think that we would find a diamond, huh?"

This was unexpected. Li Du sincerely sighed in admiration. "You've done well. Really hard work actually finding a diamond."

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Sophie laughed happily. "The truth is the efforts were not only mine. Brother Wolf, Godzilla, and the children, they've done well too."

Li Du pleasantly touched the little fellows' heads one by one. Ah Ow, however, was unwilling to let him touch her. She was still hateful because Li Du had allied with Ali to deal with her.

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