991 Rain of Bullets

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There were unique African items for sale in the market. Li Du had never seen most of them.

Some of the hawkers could tell that he was a foreigner who had just arrived in Mozambique, and suggested a kind of item that seemed to be from the blackland. It was a soap from Mozambique. The hawker told him that rubbing this onto his body could remove dry skin, But Li Du was not interested.

The most popular product in the stall was bushmeat. This was one of the main ingredients for a unique stew in Mozambique, pepper soup.

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Just from the name itself, pepper soup and spicy soup seemed to share some similarities. However, while Li Du loved spicy soup, he did not enjoy the pepper soup.

The raw ingredients of bushmeat were very complicated. It contained snake, lizard, big bugs, pangolin, wild rat, wild rabbit and mixes of various meats.

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