634 Quiet Man

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Wolfgang furrowed his eyebrows and looked straight at Li Du.

After a few seconds of staring at him, he slowly said, "Oh, we are not close. There's nothing going on."

Li Du smiled. "Trust me, you have to talk to me. I have a very important matter to speak with you about."

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Wolfgang became quiet again before he said, "Alright, you leave first. I will find you later."

Li Du walked out the door. He knew Wolfgang's daughter was here and wanted to meet the little girl to talk and get closer to her. In the end, he was unable to see the little girl as Wolfgang was very thorough in blocking Li Du.

When he moved two steps, Wolfgang followed suit and was somehow always able to block his vision.

As the other party did not want to let him see his daughter, Li Du had no choice but to leave.

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