577 Quick, To the Gem Mine

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Having heard Owen, an old-timer in the gem, say what he had wanted to hear, Li Du smiled and was about to leave with Sophie.

Owen tried to keep them. "It's almost time for lunch. Li, Ms. Martin, why don't you stay for lunch? I know of a restaurant in Winslow that serves delicious lamb."

Li Du thanked him politely but said that he would like to explore the place on his own.

Hence, Owen had no other reason to retain them.

After they stepped out, a puzzled Sophie asked him, "You agreed to his offer so readily? Why did you not inquire at a few more jewelers? I've been learning Mandarin and there's a wise saying: 'Huo bi sanjia.'"

Li Du said, "This guy's smart, and he's the biggest jeweler in Winslow. I bet he's already given me the best deal. To get an even higher price, we'll have to go to LA or New York."

He was not keen to wait any longer and also didn't have the time to travel—he had to continue his search for fire opals.

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