986 Pygmies

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The rough diamond was dirty, stinky and stained with black and yellow, and stinking,

and Li Du could guess without any explanation where it had been hidden.

The guards were not squeamish, however. Someone grabbed the diamond, washed it

in the dark river water, and brought it back to Remonin.

The general was no longer grinning. He looked darkly at the miners whom the guards

had rounded up and began to growl in a language that Li Du did not understand.

"What is he talking about?" asked Li Du.

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Lu Guan said, "Explaining the rules of the mine and warning these miners. He will

punish the poor man."

The lion hunter looked at him in surprise and said, "Do you know Portuguese?"

Lu Guan shrugged his shoulders and said, "Understand a little."

Li Du thought Li Guan chose the wrong career path. With his aptitude for foreign

languages, he should have engaged in diplomacy or translation work. It would not be

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