415 Put the Tactic to Use

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It was mid-September, and the weather was starting to look gloomy; it looked as though the city would be welcoming its first rainfall that month.

Li Du had a troublesome matter to deal with during this period of time: his visa needed to be renewed.

He had stayed in the United States for a full year now, having arrived last September. In the end, the school had closed down within two months and the school’s board of directors absconded with the money. Every time he thought about this, he became so angry that he wanted to scream.

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Besides losing his school fees and research funding, he was also angry that his visa renewal might run into problems. When Sophie heard about the issue of his visa renewal, she smiled and asked for the visa, and paid a visit to her parents.

Mr. Martin was forthright and immediately said, "Study visa? That’s easy, just leave it to me. But Li, you actually went to National College in Flagstaff?"

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