481 Put It On Auction

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Some of the men here were good with guns—Godzilla and Hans were among the best.

But it was not easy for them to put the gun together. It was too big, and each component was too big as well.

The onlookers were already dumbfounded staring at the unusually large-sized components. When Hans took out a golden bullet that was as thick as a toddler's wrist, the onlookers froze in amazement.

"Oh, f*ck, I feel like I'm in the land of the Giants. Is this gun a weapon of the Orcs?"

"What kind of animals does this gun hunt? Elephants? Whales? Dinosaurs?"

"Everyone, I hereby announce that we've found evidence of Bigfoot's existence: this very gun!"

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"What can this gun kill? It's bullsh*t! The moment we pulled the trigger, we'll be knocked unconscious from the impact and turn into prey ourselves!

"It's not for single-person shooting. This could be considered a small caliber cannon?"

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