1312 Pursue

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The villagers joined Li Du's team. They squeezed into the car like ducks and chickens herded into their cages. They were holding tight onto bread and warm water.

Looking at them, it seemed unlikely that they had been in cahoots with the wicked intruders. They were simply regular villagers living in tough conditions, some kind of violent, malicious people.

Their team had stayed overnight in the wild before leaving the next day. Sometime during that night, the fog had cleared out. While the weather was still gloomy, the visibility at least improved.

Bolshevik Island was huge, and it was barren and deserted land. It was difficult for a big group to hide their tracks. Hence, they followed the track marks left behind to pursue the poachers.

Sitting inside one of the cars, Li Du asked, "Are there still poachers on this island?"

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