896 Pure Heart

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This time Li Du stayed in Los Angeles, so meeting Francis was very convenient. The two met at a private club next to the old part of the city. The club's owner was a friend of Bell's and, coincidentally, of Francis'.

As usual, the star drove her domineering g-series.

After the two met, Li Du's polite greeting turned out to be as manly as ever. There was no need to be polite, so he got straight to the point. Li Du told the story of Bruce at Salem Harbor, Bruce's family, and what Bruce was doing.

"The boy is very remarkable," said Francis, somewhat moved.

Chris Bell said, "Indeed. So when my buddy decided to help him, I felt duty-bound to do the same. This kid is the most responsible philanthropist I've ever met, and we have a responsibility to help him."

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"Chris is exaggerating. You're a more responsible philanthropist." Li Du laughed.

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