544 Prowess of a Treasure Hunt Tycoon

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Seeing the group of tourists, the treasure hunters frowned. Hans whispered to Li Du, "D*mn, this spells trouble."

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"What trouble?" Li Du asked.

Hans nudged Li to look ahead. "Look, what do you see?"

"A group of tourists from Asia," replied Li Du. "They seem to be speaking Korean. They are probably Koreans?"

"No, they are not tourists," sighed Hans, "but a group of greenhorns."

"What do you mean?" asked a confused Li Du. "Greenhorn treasure hunters?"

He knew what treasure hunting "greenhorns" meant. It simply meant the newbies in the storage auction industry. He had encountered them several times already. The characteristics of these treasure hunting greenhorns included that they were new to the industry, they didn't know about the market, they were usually overconfident, they tended to overbid and they bid recklessly for units.

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