189 Protection Charm

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The case was opened, revealing a miniature crossbow.

The miniature crossbow was made of steel. It was hard to tell if the exterior was actually coated with silver paint or if it were real steel itself, but it was extremely shiny and smooth. It reflected the light from the spotlights, sparkling on stage.

It was a small bow, with a length of about eight inches and width of six inches. It was like a silver bird with its wings outstretched.

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The auctioneer brought up the miniature crossbow, on it was attached a quiver. He then stuffed six arrows into the bow and said in a loud voice, "Now, everyone pay attention to what I have on hand. Barnett made this crossbow himself. I won’t be explaining who he is, but if you don’t know, then you wouldn’t buy this fella anyway.

"This fella is called "Pterosaur Rage"—handcrafted with aluminum, steel, and bronze, its arrows are made of carbon fiber and stainless steel—definitely a deadly weapon.

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