983 Prison

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Remonin pushed away the white man and furiously yelled, "Hey guards, what's going on here? Why didn't this liar go dig for diamonds?"

The black brother by the door immediately saluted him and shouted, "Reporting to General, he said he had no energy, was having headaches, and after a meal he was experiencing vomiting and diarrhea episodes. He even had white foam coming out of his mouth. I think he is really sick, so I let him stay in the jail room to rest."

The white man sprawled over the fence door and used all his might to reach out; he screamed, "Take me away! Please save me, mister—dear, respected mister! Please save me! I will repay you . . . "

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Remonin looked at this man with disgust and kicked hard on the fence door as he growled, "Send him to the mines. Look at him, how is he sick? Dammit, he's even more energetic than our dogs!"

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