1087 Prison Auction

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Li Du was busy pacifying his little ones while Hans was engaged in his so-called business.

Hans did not go home for two consecutive days, and when he finally came on the third day, he proudly gave Li Du a piece of printed paper.

Li Du took it with a curious look. The most conspicuous thing about the paper was the header, in large characters: Phoenix Blackstone Prison Warehouse Auction!

Li Du quickly glanced at the article and asked, "Prison warehouse auction? Hey, Phoenix does this kind of auction here? Interesting, interesting indeed."

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Hans nodded proudly and said, "Yes, the warehouse in Blackstone Prison will be auctioned off. I have a hunch that we can salvage a nice sum of money from here."

Li Du rubbed his chin. "I will go all out. Speaking of this, how did the prison suddenly start an auction? Is it the profit-making strategy we suggested at Miami Prison that was popularized all over the country?"

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