578 Pretty interesting

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Li Du helped Alicia get up and asked in a puzzled tone, "Gemstone pit? What's that?"

Brendan was just about to open his mouth, before Alicia gave him a punch and angrily said, "Are you trying to get us killed? Why did you let go of the handle?"

Although he had taken a beating, Brendan was not angry at all. He and his cousin Stephen were very much alike in this aspect. They had the characteristic of a yes-man. 

Facing his angry wife, he forced a smile and said, "I got too excited. We should hurry to the gemstone pit or else there will be nothing left if we are late."

"Gemstone pit?" Sophie asked. "What's that? Are there a lot of gemstones?"

Li Du shook his head. "Yes and no. An "opal gemstone pit" refers to an area with a lot of boulder opals."

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