870 Press Conference

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Brother Wolf began to attack so quickly that he beat up two people at once, and one of them fainted. This attack had happened in the blink of an eye and was bound to cause conflict. The opposition had no time to react as Li Du, Hans, Godzilla, and Big Quinn immediately rushed to stand next to Brother Wolf, ready to fight.

The two sides had not yet started to battle when a gunshot rang out. Everyone was startled. Tucson thought they were shooting and immediately backed up, trying to find a place to hide.

Immediately after the gunshot rang out, Li Du looked over and saw Nicole standing at the window, a shotgun in her hands pointing skyward out the window. A gold shell bounced off the ground.

Apparently, Nicole had fired the gun.

Nicole said coldly, "Get out of here and fight outside. My brother has poured years of his life into the Steampunk. Anyone who breaks anything will pay!"

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