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The 300,000 dollars that had been borrowed from the Playboy Li Du transferred back to him once they left.

In the lounge, Hans had told him that when he went to borrow the money from the playboy, he had given him the check without asking much.

Without a doubt, Li Du owed the Playboy several favors.

During March, the Playboy had brought him to attend an auction, which led to a new ability for the bug. Then, the ploy that Li Du had set up through the charity auction, the Playboy had also attended, adding fuel to the fire he had made.

In the casino, the Playboy had used his check to back him up. He didn’t know the background of this man, but he had helped him multiple times.

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When returning the money, Li Du gave him an extra 10,000 dollars. This money was not to return the favor, but to express his appreciation.

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