1247 Preparation

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Li Du expected Tang Chaoyang to say so, so he asked him to wait and went to find a suitcase to open, and then, looking through the little bug's black hole space, he took out the papyrus that he had placed in it.

This papyrus had such a long history that even the little bug could not see its origin after reversing the time.

Looking at the little bug that flew out, Li Du understood its identity for the first time. What should it be called? The "cosmic saint"? However, it was clearly not a statue, but a living thing.

So maybe we should call it a space bug? Li Du shook his head. He preferred to call it a space-time bug.

It could reverse time and shape space, so taken together, the name "space-time bug" was easier to understand and catchy.

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Looking at the little bug, he could not help but sigh. This was the first time he had named it after having it for two years.

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