1089 Preempt

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On hearing the sighs of the treasure hunters, Li Du's spirits sank. Did the auctioneer find the Taser?

There were many rules for treasure hunting in warehouses. One of them was that if there was any contraband inside, and if it was discovered before the auction ended, the auctioneer would have the right and obligation to take it away and hand it over to the police or other relevant authorities.

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If these contraband items were not discovered at that time and were found by the warehouse new owner after the end of the auction, there would be other ways to deal with the situation.

Among these, contraband items that could be legalized, such as firearms, would not be confiscated. They would belong to the warehouse owners, who would have to deal with them by themselves.

If the contraband were entirely illegal, such as drugs or explosive materials, the warehouse owner would have to cooperate with the police or the authorities as they investigated the matter.

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